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All HAN FANG YU PIN members, please pay attention! HAN FANG YU PIN will not proactively ask you to operate an ATM (cash machine) to complete any settings over the phone.

If you receive a call mentioning the following situation, please be alert and ignore it!

1. Repeat orders
2. The payment method or order signing is mistakenly selected as installment.
3.Set as wholesaler
4. Wrong barcode swiping
5. Sign the wrong bill when charging
6. Monthly deductions or repeated deductions
7. Request for top-up payment
8. Your money will be refunded...etc.

These are all scams!

Please do not operate an ATM or provide information according to the instructions of criminals. If you have any questions, please call 997 anti-fraud hotline!!

If you receive a suspicious call, please call the police department’s anti-fraud consultation hotline 997 as soon as possible for verification (anti-cyber fraud hotline). Do not do any operations at ATM machines! !

※Please do not do any operations at ATMs (cash machines)

※Please do not share your personal credit card information